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James Tenbusch – Important Characteristics of School Superintendents

James Tenbusch believes that the two most critical personal characteristics of an excellent superintendent are to practice personal humility, but have a determined professional will (derived from J. Collins work). Superintendents also have to be good thinkers when handling problems with a high degree of complexity and ambiguity. There are usually several versions of the same problem that must be analyzed. Information received from various sources is frequently contradictory in nature and must be systematically sorted through. According to , the effective superintendent will handle these situations by stepping back from the immediate situation and first examine the historical trends and context for solving problems. Only then, can both the short and long term consequences of various decision making options be assessed. As the school systems operate in what Tenbusch describes as a “knowledge economy”, it is important that school administrators strive to get the most recent and relevant information possible before developing a set of options to solve a problem. “The days of I think, I believe, I feel are over”, Tenbusch says. “Now, it’s about showing me what the research tells us about the problem, and what is the demonstrated best practice to solve it”.

James Tenbusch mentions that the other important traits of excellent superintendents are good character, which is a bundle of skills and traits that embody a benevolent outlook on life. Also of critical importance is integrity and a commitment to action. The superintendent must demonstrate high levels of consistency in dealing with people and problems, and then be willing to take a stand in a moment of need when times are difficult. These behaviors foster trust because people know they can rely on their superintendent to act with fidelity to identified management principles and show support for people involved in the decision-making process. James Tenbusch also insists that all members of an administrative team set examples for high standards of excellence throughout the school system. The administrative team must demonstrate these standards by showing drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, and above all else, a customer service attitude (both in relation to the students and parents they serve, and to the staff they manage). People need to observe, through the daily habits of the superintendent and the administrative team, that the shared goals and objectives for the district are being pursued with commitment and vigor and carried out with a strong sense of ethics and an unwavering moral code.

has more than 30 years of school administration experience in both general and special education. He has been an Illinois school district superintendent for 15 years and he also holds a Ph. D. in Educational Administration and Educational Processes from Northwestern University. Find out more about James Tenbusch by visiting his website at: .

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The value of a Top Quality Business Sign

Any small business needs a company sign to positively determine their locale and give details about the company for example the intent, hours, and so on. A terrific sign happens to be important for the prosperity of one’s company. Though at first it may appear as though an enterprise sign’s primary reason for being is without a doubt to distinguish the strategic location of one’s organization, it actually truly does a great deal more. As is the situation regarding almost any industry, you can find detailed aspects related to sign making that inevitably indicate positively, or not, around the company whose name it bears. These technicalities are generally associated with the type that your every day layperson wouldn’t identify, yet somehow they have an automatic impact on the public’s understanding of the business. Color, type, spacing, along with the supplies from where that sign is made almost all merge to produce the actual sign’s all round effect.

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Shampoos to Enhance New Hair Growth

Hair loss continues to plague quite a few. In reality, everyone will likely experience a period in their lives where they will see they are shedding locks. This can be due to the aging process or perhaps it may be the effect of ecological factors, but quite a few really don’t care the reason why they’re dropping their hair. They simply want it back once again! With the help of a great locks shampoo, you can nurture your hair once again. How does one go about choosing the best hair growth shampoo? What exactly should a person be looking for? Visit http://www.besthairgrowthshampoo.com to discover the response to these concerns and a lot more.

When shopping for a hair shampoo created to help grow and maintain locks, try to find a product which contains materials including biotin and also Ketoconazole because they have been demonstrated to aid with hair growth. Find one that states it helps to enhance the flow of blood to the scalp as the scalp demands critical nutrients before hair are able to grow. Furthermore, you’ll need a shampoo which guarantees the hair remains replenished with water since a dry scalp typically becomes distressed and this can interfere with hair growth. Look at the site for more information on things to look for when picking a hair growth shampoo because each person should have a full head of hair, one which is magnificent to see.