Meenakshi Public School Sector 10 A, Gurgaon

Meenakshi Public School is located in Sec- 10A in Gurgaon. It is a co-educational, English medium school. It is an ISO certified Senior Secondary School of CBSE. The school was established in 1992. The school is a result of the dream and foresight of Honorable Chairman Late Padmashree G R Hada. The school is located on a vast 6-acre lush green campus.
The school aims at educating students in such a way that they become complete human beings. The children are taught to empower themselves so that they learn cognitive skills and are able to keep pace with the ever changing trends.
A thematic approach is designed so that the children learn through various interactive sessions and activities. An educational technology helps in supplementing classroom teaching. An emphasis is also laid on developing a strong sense of individuality. Field Trips and Excursions are also organized to make learning fun. There are also newspaper articles, quizzes, crosswords and extempore activities that help in inculcating a habit of speaking fluently in the kids.
Emphasis is also laid on in-depth conceptual knowledge. Emphasis is also laid on personality development, value education and coping with peer pressure. Here the students get to work in groups and also make power point presentations on subject related topics. The streams of education offered at include Science, Commerce and Humanities. Various combinations of subjects are offered. It is ensured that the students get to study the desired courses in life.
Other subjects that are taught here include Computer Science, Bio-Technology, Informative Practices, Home Science, History, Political Science, Geography, sociology, Psychology and Fashion technology. Stress is also laid on preparing the students for CBSE syllabus. The professionals are targeted for total development and desired success. Coaching is also provided to X and XII students. Students have access to various laboratories and library resources. Audio-Visual Aids are also provided to students. Emphasis on conceptualized teaching is also laid.
The school has a well-built infrastructure. The institution has a palatial three storey building. The school has three science labs, two computer labs, language lab, bio tech, home science, geography, and math’s lab. Also, there is a well architecturally designed cafeteria that forms a part of the campus. There is a well-designed computer lab that has the latest hardware and software systems. The school is fully networked with facilities on the Internet.
The students here also get to participate in many sports like basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, handball, kho-kho, skating and judo and Karate.

Best Way to Learn Japanese Announces Launch of New Website

Language training specialist Best Way To Learn Japanese is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 18 January 2012 – Language training expert Best Way to Learn Japanese () is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website. The new site is an informative one to let people know how to learn Japanese the simple, fun, and easy way. The Internet sure has opened some doors. Since the mid-nineties, a variety of entrepreneurs have been taking serious advantage of the World-Wide-Web for a number of business ventures. By choosing the Internet as a tool for success, and a website as a channel, marketing a business becomes a lot more convenient. Marketing a business is all about creating a brand and branding starts with being exposed. This new website hopes to develop its brand and hopes to gather a sufficiently large reputation. Best Way to Learn Japanese’s website includes a simple yet modern design to match today’s audience’s needs, and still maintains its user friendliness. As mentioned above, the new site will guide people on how to get started in learning Japanese, from the basic to the advanced lessons. The site assures its users that it will help them learn Japanese anywhere, anytime with a portable, flexible course that suits different learning styles. It uses a carousel platform that rotates to have a view of their products. Potential users can easily navigate the items by using the widget. The new website also features a special page on Japanese language lessons including Japanese verbs, conversational Japanese and basic Japanese words and meanings. It also has a section on how to speak Japanese for kids. If you are ready to discover the secret to learning Japanese, check their new website or contact Best Way to Learn Japanese at . You are invited to check out today.

About Best Way to Learn Japanese is a rising, innovative team offering interactive Japanese courses that are comprehensive, effective, and proven to work. The website was built to help people learn to speak Japanese naturally and confidently. Topics included in the lessons involve cultural perspectives, Japanese personalities and current events. The site has a user-friendly design for easy navigation. n.

Learning Math Through Problem Solving

Problem solving is an important component of mathematics education. It is a method that enables students to achieve a functional and logical understanding of math. Mathematics is an essential subject because of its practical role to the individual and society. Through a problem-solving approach, this practical aspect of mathematics can be developed. Problem solving is a method for students to construct, evaluate, and refine theories about mathematics.

Presenting a math problem to students and developing the skills needed to solve that problem is more motivational than teaching the skills without context. Such motivation gives problem solving special value as a method for learning new concepts and skills or reinforcing skills already acquired. Learning mathematics through problem solving can create a context which mimics real life and justifies the mathematics rather than treating it as an end in itself.

Problem solving is more than a process for teaching and reinforcing mathematical knowledge and helping to meet everyday challenges. It is also a skill which can enhance logical reasoning. Individuals cannot function optimally in society by simply knowing the rules to follow to obtain a correct answer. They also need to be able to determine which process a situation requires. Problem solving can be developed as a valuable skill in itself, as a way of thinking, rather than just the means to an end of finding the correct answer.

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Free Printable School Excuses – The Doctor Has Excused Your Absense

If you are looking for a solution on how to get out of class and not get into trouble with the school, then I highly recommend that you do not use the free printable school excuses.

I can think of a hundred reasons why a student would need to get a printable school excuse and turn it in: a test you are not prepared for, having to speak in front of the whole class, an injury that still does not feel healed enough to play sports. And a printable school excuse would definitely solve the problem. But make sure if you are going to do this that you do it by getting a printable school excuse that is of high quality and will convince your instructor.

Take a look at the difference in quality of these two printable school excuses:

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Essay Writing UK- How to Structure your Essay for Success

Here are the most common reasons that we hear from students of why they received poor marks or have failed their essay:-
1. Spelling Mistakes
Spelling is something that students tend to overlook in their rush to complete their essays. Too many of them simply rely on spell checking programmes to do the work for them and this often lets them down.
The best strategy that you can employ for minimising spelling mistakes in your essay is to read carefully through your work yourself.
2. Grammar
It can be extremely difficult to write with such perfect grammar, as there are different rules that have to be followed each time that you write your essay.
One of things that you can follow is to ensure that there is a consistency of tenses. Students often change tenses mid way through an essay without even realising that they have done it and this of course changes the direction of the essay completely.

You can ensure that this does not happen in your essay writing, by getting a friend to read out the essay out loud to you, whilst you listen carefully for tense mistakes.
3. Repeating Things in your Essay
Even the most experienced academic writer or student can make this mistake and that is repeating the same set of the words throughout the essay.

This is something that can only be eliminated through practice, so get practicing!
4. Keep your Paragraphs Short
Too many students write paragraphs within their essay that are too long and this can make your essay or dissertation ramble and consequently you will lose marks.
As a tip, a paragraph should only contain one idea. As a rule of thumb of one side of A4 paper, your essay should contain at least three or four paragraphs.
5. Organisation of the Essay
Many universities around the world do not teach their students how to structure and organise their essay properly, beyond explaining to them that the essay needs to include an introduction, a body of text and a conclusion.
What you should do is search through the internet for tips on essay writing and in particular essay structure or pop into your university library and there you will find many books offering advice on how best to structure your essay.
For more great tips on Essay Writing or advice on How to write essays you should get in touch with us today at UK Assignments, as we can always help you.